LDS Consecrated Oil Vials, Custom Engraved    previously $99
Now just $59.00  Shipped !

We offer beautiful solid brass consecrated oil vial key chains, Custom Engraved with his entire Priesthood Line of Authority or Full-Time Mission information. 

Every Melchizedek Priesthood holder  needs a vial of Consecrated Oil at hand to perform annointings 

on the sick and afflicted. Usually these vials are merely containers for the oil itself. At LDS Oil, we create 
vials with meaning and significance.
What better way for him to remember where his authority comes from than to see his Priesthood Line of Authority, 
engraved into the vial itself, listing every person, from Jesus Christ on down in an unbroken chain. We engrave his 
entire Priesthood Line of Authority on each Consecrated Oil Vial in your choice of 2 fonts.  We also offer Full-Time 
Missionary Consecrated Oil Vials for that special Missionary in your life!