Engraved LDS Oil Vials

LDS Oil Vials
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 Solid Brass & Custom engraved with his entire Priesthood Line-of-Authority,  Full-Time Mission info, or Exquisite 3-Letter Monograms

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 Fathers Day  •  Missionary Farewells  •  Newly ordained Elders  •  Christmas  •  B-days  • Newly ordained High Priests

Every Melchizedek Priesthood holder usually carries a vial of Consecrated Oil to perform annointings on the sick and afflicted.  We can create a vial unique to each LDS man. Give him something he is sure to keep for years to come! 

Solid Brass  • 1 3/4" X 1/2"  • O-Ring Sealed  •  Key Chain •  Free Shipping in USA

$50 -$63